“Why the “7” in AK47

We worked closely with a pharmacologist who developed our product line. After the formulation was developed, we contracted with a manufacturer who is an FDA Registered Facility to produce the AK47 product line.

The proprietary ingredients in making AK47

7 key terpenes/cannabinoids in a breakthrough CBD Compound

1. Humulene- An anti-inflammatory and anti-pain compound.
2. Myrcene- Sedative Effects (Sleep Aid), Analgesic Effects (Pain Relief), Anti-Inflammatory
(Inflammation)Effects, Antimutagenic (Immune strengthening) Effects.
3. Organic Hemp Oil- Fatty Acids- health benefits- reducing pain, soothing anxiety,
depression, improving mood, inflammatory arthritis, balancing the metabolism, healing
the skin. protecting the immune system, aiding sleep among others.
4. Drug active Menthol – For aches and pains
5. Caryophyllene-Activates the endocannabanoid receptors
6. Linalool- sedative effects at the Central Nervous System, stress, anxiety and depression
7. Together Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD containing multiple cannabinoids CBD, CBG,CBC &
CBN, thus creating the Full Spectrum CBD Entourage effect