About Us

Crosstown Concepts Corp. founded in 2013

Crosstown’s founder has been in the healthcare industry since 1984 in various disciplines.
Since 1984 have held senior positions in sales, marketing and management.
The product lines were directed for hospitals, institutions and home healthcare.

About the Founder

Crosstown Concepts Corp. was founded in 2013 by the CEO, Thomas Pappas. A New Jersey native, who spent most of his career in senior sales and marketing positions in the healthcare industry.
Tom worked diligently for years thereafter starting Crosstown Concepts,  researching and formulating a CBD blend that would be so pure and so effective, that it would be able to pass FDA registration once it was created. The driving factor behind Tom’s goal was to invent a product that would finally help his wife’s crippling arthritis. Based on the improvement he saw, Tom put all of his focus into his CBD creation and named it the AK4PAIN line. Distributors country wide are dispensing Tom’s line and he has had nothing but raving reviews of his clients improvement in their health related issues.